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Fixed front sight for free-float rails that mounts a 1” tactical light at 12oclock.

·         Affordable - $75

·         Lightweight – 0.8oz

·         Ideal for the SureFire Fury and 6PX tactical lights (fits any tube 0.995 – 1.005” and also needs relief grooves or flats under the sightpost to allow enough adjustment room)

·         Places the light over the barrel, which casts the least-harmful shadow on the target

·         Places the control switch in the perfect position for natural, ambidextrous operation

·         Rifle stowage is more compact than with side-mounted weapon lights.

·         Front-mounted slings are unobstructed on both sides.

·         Maximizes field-of-view by minimizing equipment cross-section on the front of the gun

·         Streamlines the front of the gun to avoid hanging up on obstacles

·         Allows full use of the sides and bottom of the forend for steadying the rifle

·         Plays nice with all red-dot tactical optics but may obstruct typical, high-magnification scopes


Simple, rugged, light-weight, practical.


Black milspec hard anodized 7075-T6 aluminum for extra toughness.  Sightpost is black oxide coated 303 stainless steel.  Cross clamp screws and set screw are off-the-shelf commercial hardware for easy replacement.    


Sightpost adjustment range is sufficient for most rail heights.  Special height posts are available on request.  A sightpost adjustment tool is included and is also compatible with the ROSCH Works SL1 sightpost.  Sightpost adjustment is fast, smooth, simple and permanently accurate.  The round post is infinitely adjustable rather than limited to 90 degree increments. 


Rail mount is self-centering, 2-screw fastened, intended for semi-permanent mounting.


Full replacement or refund guarantee, no questions asked.

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